Originating from a desire for unattached musical enjoyment, Stationary Effort is a series of human driven audio players. In Stationary Effort 1 a performer pedals a bike that turns a front flywheel, which hits an idler wheel, whose energy is transferred through bearings and gears to another idler wheel that spins a record platter. Similarly in
Stationary Effort 2 a performer drives skis backward propelling a central flywheel, which hits an idler wheel and bearing system that transfers the energy to a pulley system to spins a cassette supply reel. The riders attempt to regulate the musical rhythm. The audio record and cassette spin inconsistently causing perceptible distortions; familiar songs, tones, and pitches are altered. This discordant absurdity veils the observable lack
of human control over the machine and uselessness of human as accurate timekeeper. There is a push and pull between recognizing the futility of the performer’s efforts and the humor found in deformed sounds.

Stationary Effort 2, 2017
Performance with vintage NordicTrack pro skier and custom cassette player
”65 x 28” x 51”

Stationary Effort 1, 2017 Performance with vintage stationary bicycle and custom record player 48” x 29” x 53”