“Garden Respite” student collaboration

Chicago artist and Springer School and Center alumna Emily Moorhead-Wallace spent two weeks with students teaching them how to make wood cut prints and also using the original carved wood to create an outdoor bench for the on-campus student garden. All students learned with Emily during their art classes and a smaller group of eight-graders worked on the collaborative outdoor sculpture bench. Both the prints on paper and the bench are part of Springer’s permanent art collection.

3-D sculptor visits Springer as Artist in Residence

Jul 03, 2021 – The Cincinnati Enquirer (Ohio)

Board and Executive Moves

Chicago artist Emily Moorhead-Wallace spent two weeks with students at Springer School and Center in May through the school’s Maureen Wenker Artist in Residence program.

Specializing in three-dimensional and environmental artwork, Moorhead-Wallace involved students in every class with either drawing designs for or assembling elements of several of her current projects – an outdoor sculpture that provides nesting opportunities for pollinating insects and another that will host a montage of birdhouses.

A Springer alumna herself, Moorhead-Wallace shared her creative problem-solving process with students using examples of her own sculpture projects. She worked with a small group of eighth-grade students to create a functional piece of art that will provide seating for the students’ vegetable garden area on the school’s campus. Students drew designs that they then carved onto cedar slats that were mounted on a metal frame to create a bench.

“This project really helps to build self-esteem,” noted Moorhead-Wallace.

Springer’s Maureen Wenker Artist in Residence program was established in 1993 by Paul Wenker in memory of his late wife.

Carole Barnhart, Springer School and Center